The Lovell Avenue Song: I think I hear it: question mark, mysterians Or, maybe it's sam the sham Something cool from 'FIL I always got off on Farfisa and some fuzztone Sir Douglas, Dave Clark Five Pop was rock on radio We were kids with crap guitars Dreams of Jags, no, not the cars Waiting for my Sloopy scream In Rick's garage, you can't do that Cuban heels and Beatles caps Take our bow and Linda claps Little Girl, nothing to hide Nobody can do the shake Surfin', roddin', Liverpool Three chords and a middle eight Pluggin' into dad's hi-fi Mr. Kay's mike's chord is frayed A Heathkit amp that Rick's dad made A new tom tom on Christmas Day CYO, Fair Acres, too, Turtles, Cyrkle, Blues Magoos For Your Love, For What Its Worth A Battle of the bands we'd lose Mom would yell to turn it down But we're the coolest band around At least on Lovell Avenue Dad would buzz our hair each week The mop tops made us look like geeks As we played Eight Days a Week Sure, it's 1965 As long as one of us survives Won the girls and made 'em cry But making music still gets a rise Time Won't Let Me wait that long Though 40 years has come and gone Check my pulse, cause it still pounds to the Beach Boy's I Get Around Go, turn it up and play it right Growl All day and all of the night Green River keeps on flowing thru Just like some red rubber ball The morning sun still shines on us all So come on down to my boat, baby” - WE Pierce IV

— The Lovell Avenue Song

It's Kinda Creepy, Baby It's kinda creepy baby, that kill-look in your eyes There's nothing worse than love that's gone, headed south-wise Where you stayed is haunted by the girl I knew And she wanders looking for a life that's through She's got the chains a rattlin' She's got the tortured heart She's got the pieces of a life that's torn all apart She doesn't know what's happenin' Can't tell day from night But she's scared of you, too, Because you're such a fright It's kinda creepy baby, the way we disappeared Poof, the love is gone, mold grows where there once were tears Swing the wrecking ball. Screams still shatter night The air is much too thick to breathe or to let in any light I've got the silver bullets I've got the wooden cross I've got the bitter memories of the love we lost There's no more guilt There's only pain And a hollow place where my heart had been It's kinda creepy baby that you can't move on I've exorcised my soul in the lyrics of this plaintive song It's kinda creepy baby if you look ahead Bitter ain't no better than the ghost of a love that's dead” - WE Pierce IV

— It's Kinda Creepy, Baby

Old Belle's Bop We're here to please somebody And our work is just to be Here to count what we got And dance to Old Belle's Bop You adorned in riches And you, swathed in shame We are standing in our places, The wealthy and the lame Cry, cry me a puddle A puddle in the sand Then watch the sea wash over That's what becomes of man Just dancing to Old Belle's Bop Once I had me religion But I found the hand of man Between me and my Lord Taking tithings for His Word So we're here to please somebody But beware who that body be Not you, your priest, your master Just your Love will set you free Won't dance to Old Belle's Bop” - WE Pierce IV

— Old Belle's Bop

This End In the night, we creep closer to the edge Of our 50 story ledge In the day, we wear down our mortal souls Tear it up, tear it down And we say, it’s alright though we know And we say, it’s alright though it hurts We’ll never be what we once were Say goodby, though it seems like yesterday We’ve moved on today Say goodby, like we gave a tinker’s damn Wrapped around ourselves And we say, it’s alright though we see And we say, it’s alright in full retreat We are not what we thought we’d be Regrets only…neglect’s lonely But that’s alright, that’s alright So they rise, replacements for us as we go Better luck, next time Lessons learned, but maybe not and never will After all, the path is worn And we say, it’s alright but, no, it’s not And we say, it’s alright but feel the shock We never guessed this end we got” - WE Pierce IV

— This End

Prayer WE Pierce Hold your light Walk on step stones Don’t your ever fall down Who you are And who they know Are you one the same? (short lead) In the daylight In the dark night Better know both sides (bridge) Is there something left to say? Is there nothing more to hide? Is there someone who should know? Go your own way Leave tomorrow You will never look back Never more cry Never more lie I’ve been praying now” - WE Pierce IV

— Prayer

Out of Sight High from a newfound adventure, Scared of my racing heart, Thoroughly lost, I'm a new man with you tonight. Scraping the clouds as you fly me, A kite with a crazy tale, Out of control and so sky-high, That I'm out of sight. You have the power to raise me, Tied to the end of your string, Wrapped around your little finger: You pull, I swing. The wind at your back, I sail onwards So, girl, won't you hold on tight Cause if you let go, I fear I'd fly to Icarus' height. Nothing is clear any longer, Gravity's upside down, The earth and its laws are suspended, Now that you're around, I'm so out of sight.” - WE Pierce IV

— Out of Sight

August Avarice The earth wilted from the touch of summer's sticky fingers As I measured every step by the blisters in boiling tarmac Though my mind summoned the memory of a spring breeze My heart knew it was long ago lost to the courage that I lack Suddenly, a draft of cool air and the sound of rushing water My soul was filled with the redemptive life force I stood awhile studying the scene's remarkability But self-indulgence led me to yearn for full intercourse I stepped into the river, whose cloak enveloped body and soul In the sure current, I swirled, twirled, spun and reeled Til I exploded in elation and locked the pleasure away Resting upon the shore, I thanked God my soul was healed On the road with miles to go, pleasure recalled over and over I looked back and thought I could snatch one more chance to be free Hell, yes, I ran for one more ride, one more stolen moment But I lost my way, what I had is gone, and worse, the memory haunts me. August avarice -- one last chance to find a real romance. August avarice -- this life ain't long and I won't wait till my Fall. August avarice -- Life's been good, unkind and in between. August avarice -- gonna take a chance and find out what you mean to me.” - WE Pierce IV

— August Avarice

Ordinary Man There's a man who would give his right hand to be free, but he knows he must give his life. So he works all day long filled with hate and spite, then goes home and takes it out on his wife. Ordinary man, ordinary man, ordinary man, he tries. Ordinary man, ordinary man, ordinary man, he lies Sweating bullets if he's late, getting hard for a thrill from good to bad to the grave. Has some kids who he raises to be like him, and they'll live, but they hardly are saved. God will help you when you're gone until then say your prayers. Treat the world with love and joy and hide the grief that you bear. Hide the grief that you bear. In a future generation many will live in peace of the world of the mind, of the soul . But no ordinary man will see the day. It will come from the ground where he toiled Ordinary man, ordinary man, ordinary man, he cries. Ordinary man, ordinary man, ordinary man just dies.” - WE Pierce IV

— Ordinary Man

Someone I Used to Love In an age of ignorant youth, emotions, lust and trust, I indulged In a time before season, reason, skepticism I found all I wanted, all I needed and I stole it She found all she wanted, all she needed and she gave it By the day, we saw the sky was blue, the earth was green. By night's light, we felt our way to ecstasy and ran away She was someone that I knew, someone I grew with someone I used to love Life is ironic change. Life is the bubonic plague But we all learn how to dance, don't we? Twenty years and the river's long gone dry There's not a green field, a warm sun, a dry eye In a hundred years, in a thousand lives, there's no reason Just a host of helpless, long lost souls.” - WE Pierce IV

— Someone I Used to Love

Stamen and Pistil The masks, the roles…worn so long I can’t remember who I am. But I know we started out the same Stamen and pistil The two sides of one man The ying and yang, Me and my reflection I know why it feels all wrong Distaff or malice or both But I know we started out the same Stamen and pistil The two sides of the femme Give and receive Me and my reflection I’ll strip myself down, every pore Open to receive, to accept cause I know we started out the same Stamen and pistil The two sides of creativity Written and sung Me and you, you and me” - WE Pierce IV

— Stamen and Pistil

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