Pierce the Darkness

Media Line Road

This is guitar-based rock and pop with themes for the life-experienced: it ain't no kid stuff.


Media Line Road's first CD -- Pierce the Darkness -- sprung from the once-upon-a-time towhead of William Edward Pierce IV, -- the force behind the "band" -- slightly unformed, but committed to zeros and ones through a collaboration of lifelong friends (and family).

The first CD's mission: "To shed some light on the path that leads us home as well as the obstacles we face (or create) along the way".

Pierce had the audacity and utter gall to assume this mysterious musical identity with its highfalutin mission, like some poor-man's Bruce Wayne with a guitar instead of a Batmobile.

Since the days of teenage songwriting contests and schoolboy crushes, WEP4's outlet has been songwriting. It is a prime imperative and primal urge -- filling a thousand pages and hundreds of hours of tape... detailing some self-inflicted miscues, deadends and backslides as well as the self-awareness found in "everydays" or the pleasure of selfless love, given and received.

Media Line Road music is as confusing as the person -- rock, pop, alternative rock, alternative country.

Confessions, regression and doubt are as likely to be found as love, joy and good cheer.

The songs on Pierce the Darkness defy easy pigeon-holing. They are as blurry as the definition of love. Yet, you know this is real because it affects you. (Well, hopefully.)

This debut CD from Medial Line Road spawned long-term airplay of "Living Dead", "Get Out of Dodge" and "Ordinary Man", along others, on college radio around the country.

"I'd Rather Dance" became an international sensation among indie country stations after its inclusion on the "Song 1, Radio's First Choice" compilation.

This is an eclectic collection.

Your open ears (and mind) are appreciated. wep4


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