Songs of June, Moon and Gloom (1980-2014)

Media Line Road

Media Line Road's 20-plus year retrospective, beginning with home studio porta-studio recordings right on through to new songs recorded this year. These rare and new tracks do not appear on the artist's four albums.

You know this road from a lifetime ago. You walked it many times. You remember the faces. You join the ghosts of those who re-trace their steps along with yours. They smiled then and smile now. Your best friends. Your gym teacher. Your and gone. Your mom. Your dad. Someone you used to love. And, Kitty. Do you even recognize the child you once were? The best friend? The boyfriend? The father? This old man? Garage music rides the wind even now. Ricky's garage is a mile and 40 some years away. But, Linda still sings Never My Love. The needle rises and falls on the acetate. Yet, her voice is beautiful: what makes you think love will end? There was so much promise in a road that lay ahead of us. Still, the sun is bright today. The stars are in their places and ready to shine tonight. We can forget the moment and recall the steps to now. It's alright, and it's all right here on Media Line Road. Welcome home!

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