WE Pierce IV & Friends - Musicians

Media Line Road is the nom de composition et execution chosen by W.E. Pierce IV and his very good friends. Just another 50s-era-born music junkie with the audacity to believe that one owes it to others wandering this world to share observations from the road. One ought to say something interesting in some interesting way to those interested in learning (about) themselves.  Maybe someone is listening, so say something. If life isn't a figment of the imagination, we might as well leave pieces of ourselves, protonic breadcrumbs.  Ours are meant to be heard. Yes, the foolish heart beats on.

Wonderful friends who were, are and will always be playing in band because they, too, left pieces of themselves in the music: Mike Doyle, Rob Pierce, Bob Dodson, Rick Cywinski, Tom Dagney, Bill Reinersman, David Fox, Paul Prizer, Laird Poinsett, Carl Ortell, Pete Romano, Jack Deal, Jesse Deal, Mel Holloway, Christine McShane, Steve Bitzer, and other friends. Oh, and here's to to our first "fan"-atics...Lynda (we miss you) and Kathy (we love you).