MEDIA LINE ROAD is the name of our band of friends.

The thought behind the name:  After the Fireplug Five Minus One, Mad River, The Decoys, and who knows what after that, we stopped thinking so much about "what's ahead" and became aware of "what we left in our wake."

Media Line Road is that long stretch of road where we started out. We didn't know it at the time, but it turned out to be the well-spring of who we are.  It intersected with all the places we remember, the people who shaped us, the strangers we never knew, the cars that sped by.  Our friends, family, loves.  The intimidating, the intimidated, the bewildered, the cocky, the lost, the found.

And from all those recollections, there is a stream of music.  Built on a note and another and another.  Playing as we sped (and still speed) down new roads.  Another white dash, another white dash, another white dash (thank you, Butterfly Boucher) ... heading for who knows where or for how long.  The music plays on because we don't want to forget the road where our trip began.

This is that music.  Media Line Road is the name of our band of friends.